All about the new shopping format

November 28, 2018

Discounts up to 70%

The idea of outlets is extremely simple: brand articles at reduced prices.  

A clutch or a dress by a famous fashion house will cost at least 30% cheaper than in a brand’s boutique. And discounts for certain categories of goods can be as great as 70%.

Besides, unlike regular shopping malls with their seasonal sales, prices at an outlet are reduced throughout the year.


Only brand clothing and accessories are presented in outlets. Top companies make several fashion lines a year, which means some articles from previous collections remain unsold. These are the ones that get to outlets where they can be purchased at considerable discounts. You can buy designer shoes or a blazer at a nice price, while half a year ago they featured in flagship boutiques with the corresponding price tag.


At an outlet, you get more than just a trendy article. You purchase status and high quality. Companies with impeccable reputation in the European market are going to be represented in Brand’s Stories.

Transport accessibility

Special location is one of the pillars of the outlet philosophy. They are usually located outside the city. It can reduce the price of articles significantly. And also, create an intimate atmosphere of high-status European districts where every house hosts a brand boutique.

Brands’ Stories is located within the city, at the junction of Ekaterinburg Ring Motorway and Neskuchnaya Str. near the new Solnechny micro district. It takes no more than 30 minutes to get here from the downtown.