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Хорошее время для шопинга
Хорошее время для шопинга

Anna Gromova: Purchasing in outlets is a great value.


Returning customer of European shopping tours talks about her experience of shopping in the outlet.

Price differences

— Last summer, I bought a bag I had long dreamt of in an Italian outlet. I was beyond myself with joy. Firstly, I laid my hands on the very same bag I was hunting for so long; secondly, I was able to get it at a discount of over 70% thanks to the outlet. An outlet is a great opportunity of having clothes and accessories by global brands in your wardrobe at very favorable prices; besides, articles from an outlet are singular and with a 99% chance you will not see a similar thing worn by another girl in the street.

What is good about an outlet

— With some effort, you can find very interesting, high-quality articles in an outlet that will bring you joy for several years to come. Traditionally, outlets have a large selection of basic articles of clothing like jeans and jumpers that are always relevant and timeless.

At outlets, products are sold by manufacturers themselves without intermediaries. Brands value their reputations, so all clothes in their outlets pass strict quality control. I have never come across poor garments in outlets.

Why outlets are far from downtown

— It takes an hour and a half to get to Serravalle Outlet near Milan by bus. Or you can rent a car; outlets always have huge parking lots. It has never been inconvenient for me. Outlets have a huge space so it obviously makes no sense to build them within the city.

I am always happy with purchases at European outlets. I think the outlet in Ekaterinburg will provide a great opportunity of staying in trend, on the one hand, and saving on shopping significantly, on the other hand, and never even leaving the region.