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Хорошее время для шопинга
Хорошее время для шопинга

Were you waiting? We were! Main trends of AW 2018 season


After almost a decade of minimalism dominance, the rules of the fashion game have changed. The new rule is, dress up as if it was your last time. We will tell you how.

Animal print

Designers gave the go-ahead to the print they previously warned to be cautious with. Models were strutting the catwalk clothed from head to toe in leopard, zebra, tiger and reptile patterns. A special chic is expertly mixing several kinds of prints in a single image.

If the dress code or your sense of the beautiful won’t let you dress in wild animal prints completely, you can confine yourself to a single vivid emphasis – shoes, a blouse, a skirt or a fur mantle.

Leather and vinyl

A leather biker jacket will never go out of fashion, but this season designers suggest hanging it in the closet for a while and trying something new. This season, we are wearing leather midi dresses, leather trench coats and leather skirts below the knee in natural colors. Designers’ heroine is not a rebel or a biker’s girlfriend; it is a confident woman who can take the liberty of walking the line between tradition and slight provocation. We recommend those who are not afraid of extra attention to take note of vinyl coats.

Scarf print

Any woman certainly has one of this season’s main accessories – the classic silk carre scarf. Designers took it a step further and transferred the recognizable prints of chains, gems and flowers on silk dresses, skirts and blouses. You can find inspiration not only in fashion show reports but also in family photos of the 90s: perhaps the trendiest blouse of the season is waiting for you at the back shelf of your mother’s closet.


All your friends will finally know where you bought this cool T-shirt! Forget the manners and modesty – there are only two rules in the new season: 1) the larger the logo the better; 2) only numerous logos can be better than a single logo. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of telling the world the name of your favorite brand but try to avoid too small logos (unless it’s Fendi of course: but they win by the numbers).


Fashion refers those who are not ready to return their year 1992 but like historical patterns to the 70s era. Feminine flowing midi dresses with suede trench coats and voluminous sheepskin coats, corduroy, wide trousers, turtlenecks with mid-calf skirts and high boots, natural colors are the best references from the era of relaxed elegance and sensuous hedonism. The role models are Bianca Jagger, Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot.

Getting warm

Fashion is finally paying attention to problems of cold countries’ residents: winter collections feature fewer doubtful solutions like sandals with fur coats and more multi-layered warm sets. The best styling for our climes is wearing several layers of outer garments – a down coat above a mantle, a mantle above a warm jacket, a fur coat above a mantle. The main rules are: the most voluminous article should be on the top and shouldn’t be fastened, while inner layers should better not be fastened completely to demonstrate the beautiful combination of colors and textures.

Other seasonal trends include sequins, tweeds, big checks, cape mantles and neon colors.