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Хорошее время для шопинга
Хорошее время для шопинга

What to buy: Guess


The American brand of clothing combining Italian notions of sensuous femininity and the American idea that clothes must be comfortable. We explain what and why to buy in brand’s stores.

Guess is famous for its ultra-skinny Marilyn jeans, named after the actress Marilyn Monroe. Their creators came up with the idea of inserting zips at the ankle so that jeans would fit the leg perfectly and the owner would have no problems with the length of her pair: many fashion influencers complacently unzip their jeans and wear them slightly covering the shoes.

The second brand’s must have are tailored evening and cocktail dresses. The brand’s face is a fun and bold girl not afraid of her sexuality, and dresses match her – tight-fitting dresses that make you immediately want to go to a party and dance till the morning under admiring looks, fall into a swimming pool with a glass of champagne and laugh a lot. No mock modesty: you are beautiful.

The brand manufactures bags and accessories. The famous triangular label frequently features in photos from society columns. Yet the prices of bags and shoes render them affordable not only to socialites. A Guess bag is like a Chanel bag for those who believe that a bag shouldn’t cost as much as a wing of a personal airplane and prefer spending available money on entertainment.

In the new season, designers give us back the right to dress up as if for a holiday so you can boldly go to Guess and enjoy trying on all the most beautiful and unusual things.